Announcement of Enrolled Applicants (Early Admission 2023)

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (International Program) Academic Year 2023 (Round I: Early Admission)

The selection for the admission to the Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (International Program), Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University for the Academic Year 2023 (Early Admission) had been completed.

The Faculty of Science at Chulalongkorn University will announce the enrolled candidates via email on February 21, 2023.

Online Enrollment for New Student

Applicants who have successfully enrolled in Chulalongkorn University may obtain the necessary information by accessing the official website at or by visiting the Facebook page at

Key Activities for New Students

please visit Student > New Student for more details.

Academic Calendar for Academic Year 2023

[Tentative] Academic Year 2023

First Semester
First day of classesMonday, August 7, 2023
Midterm Examinations (If any) Monday, September 25 – Friday, September 29, 2023
End of first semester activitiesSunday, October 29, 2023
Last day of classesFriday, November 24, 2023
Final ExaminationsMonday, November 27 - Tuesday, December 12, 2023
End of first semesterWednesday, December 13, 2023
Second Semester
First day of classesMonday, January 8, 2024
Midterm Examinations (If any) Tuesday, March 4 – Friday, March 8, 2024
End of second semester activitiesSunday, March 31, 2024
Last day of classesFriday, April 26, 2024
Final ExaminationsMonday, April 29 – Friday, May 14, 2024
End of second semesterSaturday, May 15, 2024
Summer Session
First day of classesTuesday, June 4, 2024
Last day of classes and examinationsFriday, July 19, 2024
End of summer sessionSaturday, July 20, 2024
Last day of Academic YearFriday, August 2, 2024