The International B.Sc. Program in Biotechnology (BBTech) is an interdisciplinary program under the Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University focusing in various areas including animal and plant biotechnology, microbial biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, food biotechnology, bioinformatics, and biotechnology management.

Biotechnology is essential to the advancements in agriculture, health and medicine, food and non-food products, as well as environmental protection. Advancements expand to involve diverse and multidisciplinary sciences, such as recombinant DNA technology, applied immunology, and genomics. Therefore, Thailand must prepare researchers who are well-equipped and skillful in the latest technologies and biotechnological innovations in order to contribute to the sustainable development and health, and economic growth of the country and the world.


Graduates who are able to explain in molecular level of important foundations in biotechnology and its applications. Graduates are expected to command skills of using essential laboratory instruments and carry out research in biotechnology for applications in agriculture, industry, food, environment, or medicine, which will serve the need of the Thai society. They will be able to communicate and work effectively with people of different culture.