Research Area

The Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology focuses on preparing scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs in the field of Biotechnology.  Graduates of the program will be well-armed with skills in making changes with new methods, ideas, and products that can help improve our country’s competitiveness through biotechnological advancements.

With our outstanding faculties in various departments at Chulalongkorn University, BBTech program provides stimulating environments for research and development in Biotechnology with unique and well-diversified areas of interest.

Food and Agriculture

  • From discovery of biodiversity in terrestrials and marine (microorganisms, animals, plants and corals), forests and plants, air, and extreme environments, through creation of taxonomy systematics and characterization of new compounds, to application and innovation of novel products and services in health and wellness of all mankind and environments
  • Food processing, and functional food and supplements for health and disease benefits


  • Vaccine and drug discovery
  • Novel diagnostic methods by genetics and proteins for the development of test kits and disease biomarkers
  • Precision medicine


  • Current scientific impact issues such as air pollution, bioremediation, pollutant decontamination, waste utilization, and global warming
  • Sustainable resources for biobusiness


  • Bioenergy such as biogas and Briquette charcoal of ethanol industry, and metabolic engineering
  • Biomaterials

Big Data

  • Omics technology to create big data, bioinformatics,artificial intelligence, and development of new algorithms for comparative genomic analysis, database organization, machine learning, and integration into biological networks