Announcement of Final Selected Applicants (Admission 2023)

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (International Program) Academic Year 2023 (Round II: Admission)

The selection for the admission to the Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (International Program), Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University for the Academic Year 2023 (Round II: Admission) had been completed. Accepted applicants were required to perform an online confirmation report through TCAS system (TCAS66 Second Round: Quota) during May 4–5, 2023. The confirmation report through TCAS system for this admission is finished.

The Faculty of Science at Chulalongkorn University will announce the selected candidates via email on May 12, 2023. The selected applicants must send an enrollment confirmation form with pre-registration fee payment slip by May 15, 2023 before 12.00 (UTC+7 Bangkok).

Pre-registration Fee Payment

The final selected candidates must confirm their decision for enrollment with the Bachelor of Science (International Program), Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University by paying the pre-registration fee (56,000 baht; fifty-six thousand baht) during May 12–15, 2023 using the payment form at the SCB Bank or the SCB EASY application.

Payment Form
SCB Easy

Remark: The pre-registration fee deposit will be deducted afterwards from the first semester special academic fee.

Tuition Fee and Academic Fee

Thai Student

 DescriptionAmount (baht)DatePlacePayment Method
1.Tuition Fee25,500will be announcedCU NEX
2.Special Academic Fee70,000
2.1 Pre-registration Fee56,000May 12–15, 2023*SCBPayment form/ SCB Easy
2.2 Registration Fee14,000will be announcedCU NEX
*before enrollment confirmation

Please note that all fees are non-refundable under any circumstances, and that fees for academic activities are not included.

Online Enrollment Confirmation

1. Download and complete the enrollment confirmation form.

Enrollment Confirmation Form


Option 1: Fill the PDF form (digital signature is valid and enforceable), and then save to PDF file format.

Option 2: Print the form and write on the paper, and then scan to PDF file format. Using scanner-like application is acceptable (example: Microsoft Office Lens (please enhance your scan photo with B/W 1 filter), Tiny Scanner, CamScanner).

File name format: ApplicantID_FirstName.pdf (example: E23S999_MyFirstName.pdf)

2. Prepare the payment slip into PDF/picture file format (pdf, jpeg, gif, png).

File name format: SLIP_ApplicantID_FirstName.pdf (example: SLIP_E23S999_MyFirstName.pdf)

3. Submit the form via email:

Email title: Enrollment Confirmation ApplicantID FirstName (example: Enrollment Confirmation E23S999 MyFirstName)


Applicant ID for Early Admission 2023: E23SXXX
Applicant ID for Admission 2023: A23SXXX

Key Activities for New Students

please visit Student > New Student for more details.