Course Number 2305453
Course Credits2 (2-3-4)
Course AbbrviationCOM ORN PL PROD
Course Title (TH)การผลิตไม้ประดับเพื่อการค้า
Responsible UnitFaculty of Science, Department of Botany
Type of CourseInternational Course
SemesterIntl 1st semester
Academic Year2024
Course Coordinator
Measurement Method
Type of CourseSemester Course
Course ConditionNone
Course StatusElective
Instructors / staffs
Enrollment conditionsNone
Degree levelBachelor
Related curricularBachelor of Science in Biotechnology (2562)
Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (2567)
Course description (TH)การประยุกต์หลักวิทยาศาสตร์พื้นฐานในการปลูกไม้ประดับ การวางแผนด้านการจัดการและด้านธุรกิจการจัดการโรงเรือน การผลิตและการดูแลไม้ประดับเพื่อการค้า การจัดการหลังการเก็บเกี่ยว การปฏิบัติการทดลองและการศึกษานอกสถานที่
Course description (EN)Application of basic scientific principles in growing ornamental plants; management and business planning; nursery management; commercial ornamental plant production and care; postharvest management; laboratory practice and field trips.
Curriculum mapping/CU-1.1: Behavioral Objectives Possessing well-rounded knowledge
/CU-1.2: Possessing in-depth knowledge
CU-2.1: Being moral and ethical
CU-2.2: Having an awareness of etiquette
/CU-3.1: Being able to think critically
/CU-3.2: Being able to think creatively
/CU-3.3: Having skills in problem solving
/CU-4.1: Having professional skills
/CU-4.2: Having communication skills
/CU-4.3: Having skills in information technology
/CU-4.4: Having mathematical and statistical skills
/CU-4.5: Having management skills
/CU-5.1: Having an inquiring mind
CU-5.2: Knowing how to learn
CU-5.3: Having leadership qualities
CU-5.4: Maintaining well-being
CU-5.5: Being community-minded and possessing social responsibility
CU-5.6: Sustaining Thainess in a globalized world
/subPLO1.1 Explain biotechnology knowledge in practice.
subPLO1.2 Analyze biotechnology knowledge in practice.
subPLO1.3 Apply biotechnology knowledge in practice.
PLO2 Employ biotechnology-related technology and scientific tools.
PLO3 Communicate effectively in English within the Biotechnology field.
PLO4 Demonstrate behavior that aligns with ethical principles, moral values, and professional ethics.
PLO5 Demonstrate social responsibility, courage, and creativity.
Course learning outcome (CLO)1. Elucidate the influence of diverse factors on ornamental plants.
2. Apply various techniques to regulate the growth and development of ornamental plants.
3. Formulate an effective greenhouse management strategy for the cultivation of commercial ornamental plants.
4. Articulate the fundamental principles governing the production and maintenance of commercial ornamental plants.
5. Manage the postharvest storage of cut flowers for commercial purposes.
6. Create a comprehensive management plan for the successful production of ornamental plants.
#DateTimeLearning contentInstructorCLORemark
Introduction - Plant Market Survey
2Ornamental Crop Industry : Economic Values
Plant Market Survey Discussion and Presentation
3Classification of Commercial Ornamental Plants
Classification Of Commercial Ornamental Plants/Start a project in growing selected ornamental crops
4Bussiness Plan and Practise
Bussiness Plan and Practise
5Bussiness Plan and Practise
Bussiness Plan and Practise
6Requirement for Optimum Growth
Sexual and asexual propagation
7Requirement for Optimum Growth
Horiculture internet - Horticulture websites, writing internet articles
8Nursery Production Facilityies and Greenhouse Management
Greenhouse production - Environmental control, facility, culture, light measurements
9Foliage Plant Production
Project: growing selected ornamental crops
10Flower blulb Production
Project: growing selected ornamental crops
11Succulent Plant and Cactus Production
Project: growing selected ornamental crops
12Plotted Plant Production
Project: growing selected ornamental crops
13Woody Ornamental Plant Production
Basic and practices of tree training and pruning
14Postharvest Handling
Postharvest Handling
15Pest and Weed Management; Pesticides, Safety & Risk Management
Pest and Weed Management; Pesticides, Safety & Risk Management
Teaching/learning mediaPowerPoint media
Electronics and website media
Online collaboration tools (Zoom)
Communication channels / LMS
TypeChannel identifier / URLRemarks
Learning Management System (LMS)MyCourseVille
Assessment methodLevel of assessmentRelated CLOPercentage
Attendance, Participation, and Assignments30 %
Presentation and Report30 %
Examination40 %
GradingGrading SystemLetter Grad (A-F)
Grading methodCriterion-referenced Grading (อิงเกณฑ์)
Minimum Passing Level (MPL)50
Reading list
Supplementary TextsThe Fundamentals of Horticulture: Theory and Practice (Chris Bird, 2014/Cambridge University Press)
Research Articles / Academic ArticlesJournals: Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture/ Horticulture Research/Horticulture Environment and Biotechnology/Hortscience
Course evaluationCourse evaluation systemmyCourseVille
Details of improvement from previous evaluation
Course quality controlResponses to complaints / petitions from studentsDirectly to the instructor